Dollars and Sense

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He was only a child when his parents were gunned down by a mugger in a dark alley. What they had been doing there he couldn’t remember, but it was no doubt important. The boy became heir to a vast empire of successful companies that he was too young to understand; this ensured him the best education at the world’s top schools, the kinds of places that didn’t have girls in them to distract from learning. He grew up in a world of fencing and philosophy, geometry and gymnastics, chemistry and cricket.

But deep inside, he could not be content. Out on the streets of the city where his parents had died lurked a cadre of criminals that the police were powerless to impede. If he was ever to be truly happy, he needed to slake his thirst for vengeance.

And so he did the only thing a brilliant, athletic, wealthy, determined man would do: invested in a host of high-tech gadgets and a secret lair, then paid a team of Special Forces operatives to be masked vigilantes. No sense putting himself in danger unnecessarily.

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  1. Avatar JayDee

    It’s funny because it MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!

  2. Avatar Cally Beck

    Should be “operatives” not “operative” in the last paragraph, but otherwise I love the idea of this because, as Jon said above, totally logical and could totally be the starting point for an awesome ensemble piece.