No Ordinary Homicide

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You could tell from the blood spatter on the walls, and the blood soaked floors that this was no ordinary homicide. Crime scene inspectors were careful not to step on the fragments of skull and brain that was littered about the room. The smell of decaying dismembered bodies was too much to bear for some, and they were utilizing their barf bags. You could see skin draped over one of the ceiling fans in one of the bedrooms. It looked as if someones arm had been skinned, it lay up there dripping down into the puddle of blood, pooling, carpet saturated. One of the officers could no longer bare to be in the house, he quickly ran out. The smell of death was abundant. A lady officer made her way into the kitchen where a dismembered head was still boiling in a pot on the stove. There was hardly any skin left on the skull. The hair accumulated on the top of the water in a purple like surrounding foam. The stench was unbearable, but she knew she needed to gather the evidence.

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  1. Avatar Kcore

    The description of the hair floating in a purple foam of sorts made me puke in my mouth a little. Nice job!

  2. Avatar Kat Peters

    Thank you! Always glad to know my stories can evoke a real life puking(well almost)!

  3. Avatar Akheloios

    The very fragmented structure gives a very visceral feel to this story, with the rush of images makes it very disconcerting.

    Bang, bang, bang, there’s no relief, horrific scene to horrific scene.

    The last sentence slows it right down, making it the worst image of all, having to go back in and record it all.

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