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The captain was tired, desperate and angry. His ship had suffered severe engine failure in the middle of nowhere, and he was about to lose his bonus if the engineers didn’t come up with a miracle.
“Captain, we need you up on deck.” Came a voice from the intercom. The captain really wanted to yell at someone, and there was always someone to yell at on the deck.
“What is it Johnson?” He asked the man looking out of the ship with a telescope.
“Demigods are fighting.”
“What? Give me some damned binocs.”
With the binoculars he saw a man in space, surrounded by white light and with a look of murder in his eyes.
“Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT. Tell those fuckers at engineering to do whatever to get us out of here!”
The captain watched as a planet started speeding very fast towards the man surrounded in white.
“They say that’s not possible unless we blow the engines sir!”
Suddenly a bright lance of white light pierced the planet, causing it to explode.

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  1. Avatar lostsalient

    Ahaha, this visual is priceless. I really like the first two paragraphs, although I wish the later parts (with the demigods) were phrased in a way to be more descriptive of the battle.

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