This is for the people who died, died.

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Two old sergeants sat in the saloon sharing a bottle of whiskey.

“Been a long time, Douglas,” the eldest of the troopers said.

“Since basic? Feels like a lifetime ago, Daniels,” Douglas said.

“Keep up with McDonnell any?”

“He got wasted by an IED back in ’05.”

“Damn. I was there when Murphy, Stevens, Villalobos and Westlake cooked inside that BFV outside of Baghdad.”

“Heard about that. You hear about Neville?”

“Lieutenant Neville?”

“Yeah, got smoked by a sniper while he was taking a shit. Blew his face off.”

“Ouch. Neville always was a little careless. Buford set off a UXO and lost both arms. Poor bastard.”

“Vick got an STD from some German girl, boarded a plane to get it treated and was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. Adams, Johnson and Henry were on that bird too.”

“Bad luck.”

“Bad fucking luck.”

“Then there was Smith.”

“Black Smith or white Smith?”

“Oh, I meant black Smith. White Smith bought it too, though.”

“How’d black Smith get it?”

“Demon, just like white Smith.”

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  1. Avatar Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars

    Love the banter. Very cool. Thanks for the acronym index, too. But, uh…Demon?

  2. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Well, you know, the outbreak of the war against extra-dimensional hellspawn was rough on the military.

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