Dark intentions (pt.1)

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The moon cast an ivory shadow on her face, a grin streaked across it as the call of a screech owl ripped through the cold night air. A blood curdling sound protruded from her graceful maw. Her members streak forth as if lightning, ninjas in the blackness of night.

A stern look on her face as her workers work their magic to bring home the bacon. Snow barley crunches under stealthy feet. Glowing eyes, and screams of defiance. She smiled wider as a bliss overcame her slender figure, a rush of a brain that only of the devil’s intent.

The ivory light was now tainted with bloodshed, a rare,cruel courtesy among nature. As he members crawl back like shadows, she inhales the scent of their work approvingly. A triumphant call erupted from the throats of leader, and followers alike. The deed was done, and resting was upon them, to feast in the hot fire of morning.

One last glace at their butcher shop, and they melted into the twilight. Leaving not a trace.




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  1. Avatar Riley

    Guess what it’s about! If you get it right, you r smart!

  2. Avatar Jae

    Doubtless, a pack of wolves. :D

    There’s a lot of great description in here, Micky. You may want to tidy it up a bit though. A few words are incomplete, and if you could separate your paragraphs it would make it easier to read.