Slumbering Giant

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New York City, the city that never sleeps. Oh, the reasons that people give. But we know the truth. As the citizens of the city fall asleep, one by one, the eyes begin to open. First a few, then hundreds, then thousands. Of course, there are always eyes open, and the beast controls them all. It’s hands and feet, toiling away, working towards…what? No one knows. But it’s always working. Almost like a machine. Creator. I survived, got out. But I still feel the pull. It draws you towards it. I resist most times. But occasionally, when I’m thin-willed and unable to control myself, I often awake in a dirty motel room on the outskirts of that God awful city. The first thing I always sense is the smell. Rotten. Decaying. But there’s nothing to be done. By the time I awake, whatever task that was required of me is finished. And the worst part is, I’ll never know what I did. Or why. Oh, if only Susan could have survived. But the city took her from me. I was too important. That’s why I left. And why I came back.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A bit dark and disjointed. Hard to tell if you mean it literally or figuratively in terms of the lure and draw of a heady big city lifestyle. Might have read better with some paragraph breaks to make it easier to digest and break up ideas or add emphasis.

  2. Avatar airborne

    It has potential though! The style is good, though THX is right – it could use breaks. Also, some action!