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It is quite a feat to remove a memory from someone’s mind. My teacher had stressed the importance of preventing one from forming in the first place.

Now I could slip in and out of large gatherings unnoticed, or with a little effort, I could pass in front of a watchful guard without leaving an impression of any kind. Over the past few hours, I bypassed no less than six secure entrances as I bounced around archival terminals in an attempt to gather information on my missing mentor.

Early searches had been fruitless. I hadn’t expected to easily find the whereabouts of the man who taught me to avoid detection. Over the past week though, I had found a faint trail in those archival logs. Tonight I had followed it to a concrete clue.

I felt confident as I returned home. I was a step closer, and I was sure no trace had been left of my inquiries. However, some measure of carelessness must have preceded this night’s investigation, for I returned near dawn to find my residence a smoldering pile of ash and rubble.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    I was thinking obfuscate as I read, but dismissed it, edging toward the mental blocking of a Jedi or the Shadow. I was somewhat pleased to find vampire in the story tags, once I finished. Very interesting. Nice to see some of your creative output again.

  2. Avatar zxvasdf

    Nice start with a faily vague plotline and the implied antagonist, but I can’t really let it go anywhere in my head unless you add sequels and prequels.

    Keeping a weather eye on the horizon here.

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