The Story of That Guy

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He walked down the hall and saw a midget, not just someone smaller then him but a true to life midget.

Juan was the midget´s name and he did not mind being called a midget, which is a rare thing among midgets.
The man approaching Juan was called Dirp.
Dirp was not his real name but it was how the people in the office knew him.
Juan was the one who gave it to him after as Dirp remembered him of his first pet goldfish.
It stuck to the point where when the regional manger decided that name tags were the next hot thing Dirp got one with ´Dirp´ on it.

As Dirp arrived at the water cooler he smirked at Juan, who was simply happy that Dirp did not pad him on the head, he hated that.

Hey Joan, want to see my new eyephone?

Joan raised an eyebrow, Dirp hated Pear products and even had a dartboard in his cubicle with a picture of Job Steves on it.
Sure Mr Dirp show the great Joan what you´ve got.

At which point Dirp flipped out his phone and showed it to his friend.
It had a googly eye glued on it.

Juan sighed.

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  1. Avatar zxvasdf

    I love it when people invent product names that obviously reference products in reality. A nice silly little joke. You should sequel it, and make some midget jokes, or at least have Juan be the brunt of a bunch of bad jokes as this.

    In the first sentence, I believe the appropriate saying is “true to life.” Just saying, in case you wanted to tidy up a bit.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    So, Juan became Joan by the end there, which is a really quick sex change. Little more than a set up for a silly pun with way too much exposition instead of story. Some of the sentences are a bit hard to follow, especially in the middle. There’s a decent sense of humor about it, but it’s very rough.