Bullet Hell

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The Ignatz, turning on a dime, banked right at a hundred gravities, pirouetting in a wide parabola. Krazy Kat slunk within its slipstream, weaving a lattice of energy weapon beams and FTL magnetic rail gun projectiles.

The Ignatz, subjecting its pilot to skull crushing gravities, instantly reversed its vector, frothing a wavefront of limited range strange attractors. Activating the Zeno’s Arrow subroutine, Krazy Kat sheared Time, peeling through femtoseconds, engaged in an intricate billion cray maneuver, experiencing centuries of subjective Time.

The Ignatz dropped into Planck time seeding a self-repeating stochastic claymore as it drifted into a recursion reef to wait in ambush. Propagating across subjective pseudoeternities, the claymore became a filigreed net. Krazy Kat entered a complicated probabilistic scheme, scaling across bifurcating multiplicities in a last ditch suicide effort; the mathematics collapsed and the energies released sent several suns into premature supernova.

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