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“Katie, where are you taking me?” We just finished dinner and were now leaving the restaurant. She said she had a surprise for me. I’m not one for surprises.

“For all the years I’ve know you, you have ruined every surprise I try to give you. This time—” He was there. Trevor was standing at Katie’s car. I didn’t see him at first, Katie did. “Do you want me to get rid of him?” She whispered to me.

“No, just let me see what he wants,” I started to walk towards him.

“I’ll wait at the bar inside,” Katie said still looking at Trevor, “If you do anything to her, I’ll have your head. She may be your Haven, but she’s still my Baby Face.”

“Okay, thank you, Katie,” Trevor said to her.

I stopped in front of him, but I watched her walk away. Time to deal with this on my own, “What do you want, Trevor?”

“I need to tell you something,” he walked and sat on the hood of the car.

I didn’t join him, just stood by him, “Okay. What?”

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