Driveway to Nowhere

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It was a long, paved driveway to nowhere. Fifty yards of winding tree-lined blacktop ending in an open field. There was no building at the end, nothing to indicate the driveway’s purpose, no sign that a building had ever stood here. Zack stood at the end of the drive and let his eyes trace over it.

“You looking to buy?” Startled, Zack turned to see a wizened old man with a cane looking at him.

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “I still don’t understand the point.”

The old man grinned, an unsettling gap-toothed smile. “Ah,” he said, “you’re asking all the right questions.”

“I haven’t asked anything,” Zack puzzled.

“Not in words, no,” the old man said, “but here.” He reached up with a gnarled paw and tapped Zack on the temple. “You won’t be sorry you bought the place. It’s a real winner.”

Zack began to object when a stinging sensation on his hand distracted him. He raised his hand in time to see a drop of blood fall from one finger and land on the pavement. He looked up, and the old man’s eyes were luminous.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Well that was a creepy start. Then end felt a bit rushed—I’m guessing due to the character limit. Lots of questions raised, in a good, good way.

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Yeah, I had to hack-n-slash it multiple times over to make it fit.

    Story inspired by an actual driveway to nowhere I pass every day on my way to work.

  3. Avatar Slightnmighty

    I enjoy that this is inspired by a real driveway. Like THX says, very intriguing semantics and subjects that leave us questioning. I hope to see a sequel!

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    A lot of my story inspirations come from fairly innocuous places in my life. My brain just likes to spin “What if” scenarios. :)

  5. Avatar Tina Murphy

    Keep spinning those “If” scenarious Jime! Cool covers a small part of this pieces possibilites! Glowing eyes….

  6. Avatar zxvasdf

    Looking forward to seeing what you make of it, Jim, or is it open to hacks who want to try a hand?

    Every day I pass a vast grassy lot that used to be a Delco battery factory. It is enclosed by chain link fences, and the drive stops at a metal gate. Just beyond the gate is a rusty, cantilevered mailbox.

    I wonder about its beautiful desolation every day.
  7. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    All my stories here are open to anyone who wants to sequel.

  8. Avatar the_tandyman

    I like the idea it’s based on a real place. That and the sale/pact made in blood…

  9. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Heh, yeah, that driveway always bugs me because it looks like there should be a destination at the end of it, and yet — nuthin’. Always makes me wonder what project never got finished.

  10. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    This was stellar you really knocked it out of the pact, and to thx if it sounds rushed,see rule number seven in the devil’s operation guide on stealing souls. Always get the deal even if use of flying hypodermic needle is needed for the signature. hehe nice work jim.

  11. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Somehow I missed your comment, Joe. Thanks for stopping by!

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