Snow storm, and the question

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He looked around, his signature dogsmile and kept panting. His tail wagged madly back and forth, a maid with a feather duster.He barked, just to see what would happen. The harness was still on his slender frame, complementing his large muscles, he was really built for running. He barked again, making his head buck back. His sharp teeth gleamed, small bits of food stuck on them, including salmon treats his trainer had given him to keep his stamina up. That reminded him, where was John? He laid his head on his paws, thinking. He looked at a squirrel, and curiosity sparked in his strange green eyes, he barked at it his tail turning into a feather duster once again. It chattererd and skittered away. He whined, and rolled on his back, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

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A loud howl echoed in he somewhat empty clearing, but not that of a wolves, that of a husky. But, not only a husky, it was prouder. It was th...

Snowy again by Riley