Madame Mysterio's Dime Museum

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They moved in during the night. On thursday, it was a drab and dusty empty storefront. On Friday morning, it was freshly painted red and yellow with white letters on the one big window that said, “Madame Mysterio’s Dime Museum.” And in smaller letters. “See The Wonders of the World.”

The front of the store smelled like fresh paint and sawdust, which curiously, was sprinkled on the sidewalk right under the window through which I peered into a gloomy indistinct interior, hoping to catch a glimpse of a monster or a freak. I left two perfect footprints behind me there when a man in a bowler hat and a striped shirt came out to shoo me away.

After school I went back again. This time there was a midget standing on the sidewalk talking to a crowd of men, telling them all about what they would find inside. Every time I got close though, someone pushed me away.

Try as I might I could not get through that door. The last time, the midget told me, “Come back when you’re grown, sonny.”

You bet I will.

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  1. Avatar Akheloios

    Nice balanced mix of childish curiosity and creepy circus vibe. I always love the what’s in the box mystery, the kid in me was always disappointed, but now the horror reader in me has grown to expect something with teeth.

    Love how the show just appeared overnight, something deliciously creepy about that.

  2. Avatar Lighty

    I enjoyed this. The fact that the readers are kept in as much suspense at the narrator was nicely done. I wonder if he does go back…
    Two points to mention, the comma in the first line of the second paragraph should be after the ‘which’ not before it, if you have another after ‘curiously’.
    Also I think there should be a word or some punctuation after ‘footprints behind me’. I can’t work out how the sentence fits together.
    A very solid piece, I want to know what happens next!

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