Psychic Assault: Sanctuary

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They walk in silence, he striving to reassemble his scattered thoughts, she allowing him time to do so. His mind feels like a wind-worn canvas, tattered all around the edges and stretched all through.

That’s not a bad analogy.

Her presence is warm and reassuring.

The Break is never easy, especially not the first time. It gets better with time, I promise you. You can learn to cope with it.

Thoughts, again. Confusing as ever. It is hard for him to manage them, to sort them out.

Finally, one coherent question springs forward.

What happened to me?

Your first Break. Certainly not your last. The very thought makes him feel nauseated. Don’t worry, though. I’m taking you to a safe place.

He looks at her inquiringly. A tiny smile plays across her face.

We call it Sanctuary, she explains. It’s not really a real place, though. It’s more of a network of minds, linked by the same ability. Sanctuary is solidarity, of a sort. I’ll introduce you. She casts a wink at Derrick. I think you’ll love it.

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  1. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    Hurray! I love your use of present tense inside his mind. It works very well, helps with the disconnect that he’s having.

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Thanks! It just made sense for “Pyschic Assault.” Looking forward to seeing what you do with it from here.

  3. Avatar Slightnmighty

    Omg I love you guys! The descriptions are vivid and still we yearn for more!

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Well, I’m anxious to see the sequel and how the story develops from here. :)

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I think I’ll love it too.

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