In Between Minds: Overcast

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I couldn’t shake the dream images from my mind. I wondered whether the images might have come from her, as her way of starting a conversation in the only way she knew how: by sharing the horror that was her… ourmy… legacy. I wasn’t ready for it.

I arose from the couch where I had spent the night. The couple whose farm house I had entered never knew I was there. I took some bread and a couple of potatoes from the kitchen and quietly left the house. The eastern sky was just beginning to lighten, but it was already obvious that the day would be overcast.

I returned to the rail line and continued to the west. In the last few days, I had passed by several towns with train stations, but I felt that it would be best to get out of the area on foot before trying to board a train. I had walked through villages and past farms. There were people everywhere, but I could trust no one. It was best to avoid them all.

I was so lonely.

Shortly after dawn, it began to rain: an early spring rain, hard and cold.

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Comments (6 so far!)

  1. Avatar August Rode

    This is installment 49 in the main timeline of the story.

  2. Avatar Robert Quick


  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    I’ll likely be posting tomorrow night or possibly the next day. Apologies to both of you.

  4. Avatar J. Rein B.

    It just hit me here how much of a fridge horror the concept of a person who can literally erase herself out of our perceptions.

    Imagine, behind you, there is such a person, looking over your shoulder while you read this. But you don’t know that that person is there, because he or she has made you unaware.


    Also: The same could be true to Katya! An even more powerful telepath could be following her, and she wouldn’t even know it!

  5. Avatar Sir Bic

    There were people everywhere, but I could trust no one. It was best to avoid them all. – More like people can’t trust me! – Yah!

    J. Rein B. I didn’t need that thought, thank you very much. []o)
    wait, are you standing behind me?

  6. Avatar Robert Quick

    I missed those last two comments. Thanks to JB Rein and Sir Bic for making me laugh!

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