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I walk down the metal grate floors every day of my life, in this cold laboratory. Tubes full of nitrogen line the corridors, full of creatures we called “Zorakius” or "mews ‘.
They live off life support that is fed through masks, when it runs out, a blaring alarm rips into our ears. I’ve tried it before, it tastes like apple juice..I’m the only one who’s had it and survived.
That’s why My nickname’s Lucky.
And I’m now a mew.

I am the only one that woke up, people are afraid of me now. The owners let me work here because they thought I was amazing. I swished my tail, it had a fleshy bulb on the end. I stare at my clipboard with an inquisitive stare through my glasses. My large sea green eyes scan it, looking to see who might be cut off today. The scariest thing about me was supposedly my amazing intellect. that confused me greatly, why didn’t they think everything could think by itself? I shook away this thought and continued my rounds. Suddenly, everything went dark, as a sharp blow knocked me out.

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  1. Avatar Akheloios

    Nice story, a few typos though. The first Mew doesn’t need a ’, and you seem to have missed a comma in the first line of the second paragraph.

  2. Avatar Jae

    Takes me back to playing Super Smash Bros. I was never much of a pokémon fan. Great build and revelation of the main character.