The Dark Matter Bificurator

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Well, it seemed Kyle had managed to build a dark matter bificurator, and it was all Jeron could do not to gape in astonishment as the machine started up.

It crackled with blue lightning which arced along the array of tesla coils spiraling its massive diameter. A sucking noise filled the room, and anything not bolted down found itself tumbling into an orifice at the machine’s center.

“It’s all theatrics! I spent more time building this than the dark matter bificurator itself!” Kyle had to scream to be heard over the gale, and Jeron followed his outstretched finger to the bificurator, which was the size of an ipod.

The air was whipping around, and in the cerulean glow, Kyle’s face had become demented. He had become a real life Frankenstein and a caricature of a comic book villain.

“I’m going to split up reality into a million pieces, then hurl it into Death!” His eyes heliographed. “It’s not an exact science. Let’s just hope I don’t send off our earth by mistake!”

Jeron was suddenly afraid for real.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Bizarre way to accomplish the morbid task set forth in the previous one. Way to go back to some very old ficly material. I loved all the stuff going on then having it admitted as only for effect.

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