help me help me help me help me help me

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I’m losing it,

My sanity,

I am missing my normality..

My tip-tap-tip-tat-titity of my keys,

the laughter I earned when friends made jokes or funny faces,

the assorted smiles and tech chat,

the helping in completing a never ending story.

I’m lame for missing it,

everyone laughs at me,

And I have no way of venting,

my feelings,

My thoughts,

My life….

I have a weird obsession, and I miss roleplaying my charters,

from Noble 6,

to Allie from Finland..

To Gordon freeman who is married to Star,

and Thrusher, Leoda, and Remondo, the trio of teeth.

But what I really miss,

Are my friends.

From Nathan to Boo to Cynder..

Enemies included,

Wesker, Lucifer, and Karsath..

I miss it,

Help me help me help me help me help me help me help me

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  1. Avatar InZanadee

    You’re not lame. I know you miss it. I think that we, as a society, need to embrace that our online lives feel every bit as real as our so-called real lives. The mind is a powerful muscle (yes I said muscle) and without that constant static we feed it: be it TV, or video games, music or just plain human inter-action(be it cyber or face to face) …we waste away. Additionally, there is a raw honesty that is the gift of the anonymity of the online relationship that I think, we, as scared, damaged little people seek.
    I hear you loud and clear, little one, but you’re going to have to trust me on this one.