An epic entrence revised for 6 (pt 2}

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He paused, “Now..”. She sighed, and sat under a tree. “Hey O’riley, take a break, you’ve been over worked…” She said. “but-” “Now..” “ok ma’am..”. She watched the color fade from her visor. She thought where Tex maybe…He could be useful.. She smiled faintly. She sighed, and watched the snow fall on her helmet. What was her purpose? She was made this way to fight, not to think.. This confused her greatly, she was meant not to have feelings, no heart no soul… She kicked a tuft of snow and laid on the ground. She shuttered, the suit only protected against weather when the A.I was in function. She watched the sky, it was different from the one on her home planet.The only reason she thought if that was because she remembered she was on earth. Or, at least THOUGHT she was on earth. She rolled her eyes and wondered, where was everyone? Tex,Nathan,John, Kelly, Carter Jorge Kat and Emile.

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Crunches were heard all around in the forest. A grunt loud grunt and roars echoed , It made the forest seem eerier then usual..a armored figu...

Epic entrence.. Revised for 6 by Riley