An epic entrence revised for 6 (pt 3)

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She pushed that thought away and closed her eyes. She began to doze. Where was she? It seemed familiar, yet…Strange. Elites,grunts, jackals and brutes swarmed her.She was doing good, killing hoards of them. But they just kept coming. Like a rain that never ends. The way she was fighting, subconsciously, reminded her of Tex. She was panting, and a crack had formed on her helmet.This situation seemed…Again familiar. She backed up against a rock, as a group of elites ganged up on her. She kicked the one that ran at her away, and grabbed two assault rifles. She walked forward, fending off the group. The on she kicked grabbed her again, she elbowed him. She pulled off her helmet and tossed it aside, shooting again.A zealot ran at her and tackled her down. More piled on. She was toast. Another elite walked over, and stomped on what seemed to be the helmet camera.Her eyes flashed open, and the coolness that was her A.I flooded her mind again.

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Inspired by

He paused, “Now..”. She sighed, and sat under a tree. “Hey O’riley, take a break, you’ve been over worked…...

An epic entrence revised for 6 (pt 2} by Riley