Every war has two sides

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Kenny wasn’t long in the coming. It was only a few minutes after the first trooper and they shot along the highway, giving hell for leather. Kate kept checking the car’s clock. It was obvious why. A minute and a half after Kenny had gone by, the streetlights shattered all along the highway. They had used a lot of explosives.

Another two minutes passed and they developed a police escort. Kate hadn’t noticed but two black and white bikes had appeared behind them, tailing their beaten old Camaro.

I found just one thing odd, and I needed to raise my suspicions. “Didn’t the trooper say we’d be clear for two hundred? It’s only been seventy five and we’ve got the fuzz on our tail again!”

“Allow me to answer. Yes he said we’d be clear for two hundred. And no, those aren’t the cops. And you didn’t ask, but yes, this would be a good time to duck.”

“OK. Wait, what?!?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Great fun. I hadn’t figured on explosives, just a distraction. Still, explosives are always fun. Loved the ending—could totally here his voice cracking on the question.

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