Hurdle and burn

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Spinning out of control, Blake gathered all his strength. How could this have happened again?! Sparks shot from the command console of his capsule. “Houston, we have a problem… Again.” “Roger, Eagle 10, you are clear for reentry.” Blake held the controls tight as the ship violently shook. Unbearable heat, he ripped his helmet off as the metal seared his scalp. This is what it must feel like to burn at the stake. He felt like he was in a haze and the air wreaked of sulphur. All the training. All the preperation. Wasted. What would they tell his family? How would he be remembered? What was the last thing he said to Anne?

Sweat poured off his brow, his hands slipped off the control stick. “Damn you, rotate!” Alone as he hurdled towards the earth he could see a glimpse of the ocean through the tiny window as flames entered the cockpit and spread up his legs.

The last thing he remembered seeing was a bright light.

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  1. Avatar Tina Murphy

    Captures the terror of going down with the plane well. The burning of the scalpe gave it a realistic touch. Great!

  2. Avatar Sir Bic

    Well done. – Pun intended.

    I liked this story. Sure the first paragraph is a little heavy and probably could’ve been dived up a bit, but hey, the guy was on fire. What can you say? Re-entering the earth’s atmosphere in a tin-can space capsule isn’t easy to do, I’d imagine.

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