The Parable of Two Lonely Friends

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Two friends with lonely hearts sat at a bar, nursing away their misery. The older turned to the younger and said, “We’ve been alone for a long time and we’re miserable. We should do something about it.” That was nothing new, the same thought always occurred to him after his third drink.

The other friend raised his glass and finished off the last bit of froth left in his mug. “Well lots of women friends come to see you, maybe that’s where the answer lies. You’re still sweet on the Nobleman’s daughter, the one with hair of spun platinum, right?”

“Yes.” Sighed the first. An eternity of longing lay behind that single word.

The second smiled slyly. “Well, I’ll help you if you help me. By the same logic, I won’t stand in your way, if you keep out of mine.”

Both of them thought it was a good deal and shook on it.

The second quickly asserted himself on one of the older man’s friends who, though surprised, accepted him.

The first tried to bandy with the Nobleman’s daughter, who had him flogged for his arrogance.

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  1. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I’m not sure what happened in this story.

    I assume that the older man’s friend that the young man “asserted himself on” is a lady, and that the older man helped him in his endeavor?

    I assume that the younger man then failed to help the older man with the Nobleman’s daughter?