There Are Many Roads

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In an empty field near Petersburg, a farmer chewing wheatgrass haggles with a crone. A driveway, rubbled with gravel stretches to nowhere.

A sand swept South African road snakes to a sunset filled with dust devils, Ntembo clicking quietly to an arachnoid old man with a shock of frost white hair.

Kinapak, a starving Inuit on the verge of collapse has a conversation with a raven regarding the ownership of a sheen of ice upon a frozen delta.

Ana, daughter of a barge master, is on her father’s boat, drifting along a tributary of the Great Amazon. A shaman leaking dreams from his voice calls to her from a vine choked embankment.

At the edge of a rice paddy, a mute Japanese girl who has lost her village stares wordlessly at the man named Susanoo.

In Mexico City, Pedro, 9-year old thief extraordinaire, steals a battered moped, and after winding through his labyrinthe neighborhood, halts at an empty driveway as a coyote howls.

All over the world, empty stretches of land are bartered for souls.

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  1. Avatar Tina Murphy

    I like how you expanded it to all around the world. Universal soul slaves. I’ll watch out if anyone wants to sell me land!

    typo An sand swept – should just be “A”
    and a sheen of ice upon – did you mean Sheet?

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Very nice sequel. I like how it broadens the scope of the event in my story.

  3. Avatar zxvasdf

    Thank you for pointing out the typo, Tina. Fixed. But I meant sheen :)

    Jim, I’m unsure how to move it on from here…

  4. Avatar Sir Bic

    When first I had visited Ficly, back in the Wil Wheaton days, I wondered how one could successfully write a “prequel” to a story.

    zxvasdr, you have answered my question.

    This ficlet could take a stand as the prequel just as strongly as it does as a sequel.

    Nicely done.

  5. Avatar the_tandyman

    I like the idea of the Inuit debating the ownership of something so intangible :D

  6. Avatar J. Rein B.

    awesome ficly zx! worthy of being featured indeed.:D

  7. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Each place is described beautifully in one sentence. Each speaks of destiny, a purpose, something baffling, and beyond what they ever thought would happen.

  8. Avatar zxvasdf

    Thanks! Not sure if anyone caught that, but most of these “salespersons” are tricksters

  9. Avatar Stovohobo

    These stories are why I revisit ficly, and perhaps why I may break my unintended hiatus to write…so thanks for that. Thanks a lot.

  10. Avatar zxvasdf

    Thank you, Stovohobo. I’m glad to have had a hand in your resurgence of motivation. Your stories are great, and I hope you keep on contributing.

  11. Avatar zxvasdf

    M. Abran – thank you. I am actually wondering what happened to Ficlets. I see these tantalizing clues in early ficlys and their comments, but I can’t seem to be able to get the whole picture.

    Something to do with AOL? And what’s Wil Wheaton’s got to do with it all? Sure sounds like I missed a good time. Typical of me, jumping on the bandwagon just when about everyone’s jumped off!

  12. Avatar zxvasdf

    the_tandyman – I hadn’t really thought of it like that, but now that you bring it up, it’s pretty damn hilarious. What’s the property value of miles and miles of deadly ice in which you have to fight day after day to survive? The Inuit experience a whole different approach to reality.

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