Good times bud...Good times...

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The smell of lilacs clogged my nose, making small diamonds form in my eyes. My wife hugged my arm, sniffing and trying to pull a smile.I stroke her head as she leaned on me. My dark suit blends in with the grays and blues in the air. Sam, my friend, stood not far away, flashing a frown. I close my eyes, thinking of times we had with Aron. Picnics, sports, tree house.. But I swear, best time we all ever had was when we had to run from some bullies, then Kenny fell into a dumpster, Sam rolled into an alley, John clung for dear life on an apartment fire escape ladder, and I fell into a manhole. Haha, that was a good day..

After they let Aron down for a nap, the rest of us stayed and talked. “Hey, whats the best moment form when we were kids?” asked Sam. We all thought, then I came up with;

“When Aron’s soda came outta his nose when we were making fun of Spongebob.. " I said.

We all laughed, something we hadn’t done in a while. Sam raised his beer,

“To Aron..”

“To Aron!”

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    2 out of 5 and no comment? That’s as cold as ice, man.

    This was sad, but then it was a bit happier in the end when they started thinking about all the good times. But isn’t the kid’s name John? And the dead (i’m assuming) one’s name is Aron?

    Commenting to let you know it wasn;t me that did that rating. :)