my life is average

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It’s a foggy morning where you can very clearly see your breath. It’s cool but not freezing, in the right clothes it’s actually quite nice. The sky is clear and it’s great for a walk.the bus stop is completely deserted and I think I’m late for class but I’m proven wrong when it arrives so full I can barely get on. Everyone is wrapped in their heavy winter coats,trying to ignore the absolute lack of intimacy found on a packed bus. I get the unlucky spot of standing in front of the door and one time I’m not fast enough to move and it hits me on the shoulder as it opens.
After some people get out and some words from the driver,those standing move and I am able to grab a seat.
A few schoolgirls miss their stop cause there’s too many people in the door. At the next stop they say,loudly, “please move,we need to get out!” I get out too. I cross the street quickly, more buses are coming. I get to the classroom just is time, a few seconds before the teacher calls my name.
I sit down and prepare to be bored.

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