Out of This World

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“Dave, are we in outer space?”

“Mmpfmmf,” mumbled Sid through several mouthfuls of hero sandwich. Fred said, “I-I farted.”

“Incredible. We escaped the gravitation pull of Earth with human propellant. How come we aren’t bursting into flash dried blood and guts, Bob?”

Bob, the resident scientific authority on account of them drugs being wham bam full of scientificly components, suggested “Why don’t we ask those guys?”

“I/you suck!” one was yelling to the other, whose response was “No, you/I suck!” They appeared to be identical twins.

“Hey, dudes,” said Dave.

The pair paused in their bickering to look Sid up and down. “Who the hell are you?” they said in unison.

“I’m Dave, no, it’s Bob, oh hello, guys I’m oh shut up Fred!”

“I/you think this guy has lost his basket.”

“Look who’s talking. How come we’re not dying here in space?” asked Dave.

“I/he took some medicine and said some special words.”

“That clears up a lot.”


“Hey, well, Jan did have some really good stuff!”


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  1. Avatar Sir Bic


    I’m sure this is all well and good in your mind, Z; but I had a hard time following the ending a bit. Maybe a little more narration will help with explaining the insanity? The narration might also help slow things down, so others will be able to keep up. Not everyone has the same level on psychosis as we do, and we want others to enjoy this too. []o)

    I do like the alien twins addition; aliens are always a good addition to any story!

  2. Avatar zxvasdf

    I tried sequeling this to Sid the Schizo (http://ficly.com/stories/24740), but it wouldn’t work that way, and I didn’t want to write two identical stories. Too bad.

    I think the insanity is extreme in my case. I intended the “alien twins” to be Isiahs, as this story is a sequel to J Rein B’s In Delirium.

    Also in Sid the Schizo, Bob enjoys excessive consumption of drugs, and this is also one of the means of transporting one into deep space where one may bicker with oneself, as is laid out in J Rein B’s In Delirium.

    O well, back to the drawing board! Hi-ho! Thanks for pointing things out, Sir Bic.

  3. Avatar Sir Bic

    I realized after I wrote my comment that the alien twins were in fact Isaiahs. It took me awhile to catch up to you.

    I like the idea that Isaiahs could be alien twins and so I will be continuing my story with that premise in mind.

    It also makes sense that a divergence occurs “In Delerim”, with one story of Sid and one of Isaiahs.
    If we can make them follow a somewhat similar story arc, all the better! That would mean that in your next episode, ThE SiD needs a super symbol!

Inspired by

In delirium, the human mind can grasp the grandest of the ideas of the universe. In delirium, the human can see. Isaiah had a particularly a...

In Delirium by J. Rein B.

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