Too Much

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Tyler blinked as the drugs spread out from the different impact points. His nose was a snowy mountain-top, his left arm a tiny range of volcanoes, and inside his body, jet fuel burned. He was a god.

The applause was thunderous as he stepped on stage. It doubled as he raised his black guitar overhead and strummed the chords to the first song. Everything was perfect. His fingers found the notes like never before. He was on fire.

When it was time for the ballad, Tyler looked out at the front row of the crowd. A young blond wearing a home-made Tyler Rulez! t-shirt seemed to glow back at him. She was an angel. He stumbled in front of her and fell to his knees. When he offered her his hands, she didn’t hesitate and he pulled her up to his level.

“What’s your name, luv?” Tyler asked softly into the microphone. He raised his guitar; a salute to the crowd.

“I can’t believe this is happening- I love you, Tyler!”

Tears sparkled on both of their cheeks.

“I love you too.” His swinging axe finally meeting her neck.

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Comments (2 so far!)

  1. Avatar Sir Bic

    Well done. This is much, much better than my chicken for dinner idea. []o)

    Ah, the old “axe” guitar. Nice. Meeting her neck? Still a little pain inducing I would think. But not as life-threatening, I suppose. Your depiction of this Rocker really rocks!

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Whoa, bizarre. I love the spectacle of it all and the imagined aftermath as a stunned crowd stands speechless and confused. Great moment and a bit of a morality tale, I suppose.

    I wound up picturing a KISS or GWAR style guitar that actually looked like an axe, which could be quite dangerous.