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The abandoned house in which they sheltered for the night creaked above their heads. An ancient radio previously emitting static crackled to life. “The invaders have left! Inexplicably, the rampaging bipeds have retreated to their ships and returned to the stars!”

Jopa’s optic tendrils, orange in the failing sunlight falling through the window, wafted towards the radio.

“In the wake of this chaos, we must band together to rebuild, rebuild, and rebuild! We must tie together our torn families, unite our cities, and make sure this never happens again!”

Jopa’s flippers trembled then there was a clatter as the axe fell to the floor.

As the radio droned on, a tortured howl filled the night.

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  1. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    Ooo, so terrible and ironic. If only…

    Thanks for the sequel!

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Yep, that’s about what happened in the movie I referenced in my comment on smdasilva’s portion. Definitely the down side to taking such a step. That first sentence keeps bugging me but hard to say why. It might just be a rhythm thing, or maybe the “that sat in the corner” seems redundant, like you could maybe get away with “the radio in the corner”. I don’t think it’s a rule or anything, just a style point. Great job throwing a sequel on there!

  3. Avatar zxvasdf

    I agree, Sir Tim. Wholeheartedly. I rattled out this ficly without really thinking about it, and even then it bothered me. It’s been changed. For the better, I hope.

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