On The Lamb With Virtue

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I had never seen Vincent Virtue before, but I instantly fell in love. Had Lackey 437 been around, he might have stopped me from running a finger seductively up Virtue’s really well muscled thigh. But alas.

Dr. Misfortune caught the gesture out of his peripheral and insisted I run the limb separator. Sigh. I’ve had this problem with every job, I fall in love with somebody someone else doesn’t want me to. It’s a curse, or maybe just a misfortune.

Needless to say. I am now on the lamb with Virtue. He’s a phenomenal lover, but we never get five minutes to ourselves. Bombs exploding at breakfast. And that infernal cell phone of his never stops ringing.

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  1. Avatar Blossom Ruoquen (LoA)

    Lol! Poor little lackey. In the second paragraph, maybe change the sentence to “…doesn’t want me to – It’s a curse. Or maybe just a misfortune.” I think that’s give it more UMPH :P great sequel! Way to keep it entertaining!

  2. Avatar Clockwork Soul

    Hehehe, I love it when lackeys get to escape the villain. Just one small thing to point out — it’s on the LAM, not the lamb. On the lamb brings some really unsettling visions to mind.

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