Funny Victory

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That memory struck me about midway through a 20 meter sprint to the next available cover, a toppled fruit stand. By the time my gear and I came tumbling to a stop on its far side the giggles overtook me. A grenade went off, and someone swore loudly in Arabic.

At least, I think it was Arabic.

A dozen marines were making a good stand from behind an overturned humvee another 20 meters up the road. They didn’t seem to be having a fun time. One of them seemed to be looking at me with a questioning look, probably on account of the laughing or maybe he could see the Air Force strip on my ABU’s.

They don’t give us a whole lot of respect here in the ‘Chair Force’.

The marines crouched, braced, and the guy making eye contact gave me the count with very emphatic fingers…1…2…3!

They popped up, guns blazing, as marines do so well. Obligingly I scrambled to my feet and legged it, not as fast as Granger, but fast enough.

Fast enough for total victory!

Barreling towards safety, I just kept laughing

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  1. Avatar Sir Bic

    Nice sequel. It still has the lighthearted charm but in a much more serious setting. The ‘emphatic fingers’ says it all. I wondered how to write that. Now I know.

    Question: ‘as marines are want to do’? Can we write that? If we can, I most definitely will! – enjoyed it Doc.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Good catch, Sir Bic. Even as I wrote that it felt out of place. Edit done.

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