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June laughed as I finished my Gir quote. “I saw a squirrel it was doing like-” she paused as Alex (the kid who lives next door and who hates me because-?), and some 7th grader rode past. June and I had been playing this game, that whenever a car or person we went by we would wave and scream “HI PERSON I MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW!”. Alex replied when we yelled that, “You’re not funny.” I giggled, then said, “Oh wait..its you..”. “Yeah bitch its me..”. I had an idea. I shoved my middle finger through my right hand as I held it sideways. “HOLY CRAP LOOK! ITS THE RARE FUCK YOU PLANT! AND ITS GROWING IN MY GARDEN! :D”. He replied by throwing his bike aside, and stomping over like a mentally retarded 5 year old. “Gimme that dog..”, “Um..No..”, “Gimme the dog bitch!”, “NO >:/”. The 7th grader walked up, “You know I own this neighborhood right?”, “um..No sorry I’m sorta new so..Thank for informing me.. >:)”, “What you say nigger?”, “nothing..”, “My dogs will rape yours up the ass! I have 2 pitbulls!”


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  1. Avatar zxvasdf

    The ficly Chrome “Writes Like…” app shows this as being the most similar to WilliamGibson…

    Neuromancer in da hood

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    Gir quotes rule! “Can I be a mongoose-dog?” “I’m dancing like a monkey!” “I miss my cupcake (tear)” “Your friends at the window!”

    I like the smileys and such in the story. You may be a pioneer in a new direction for Ficly.

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