I Think I've Reached That Age...

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It’s three PM.

Work’s been running long and I finally get a chance to take a break. I decide to drop into Gino’s and grab a couple of slices for a late lunch. I’m in a booth, waiting for my slices, and I’m twisting my wedding ring on and off my finger like it’s a bottlecap. Almost a year, and I’m still fiddling with it like a kid who hasn’t read the instructions for his new toy.

In walk a trio of girls from the high school across the street. The uniform seems to be all spaghetti straps, Daisy Dukes, and flip flops. Of course I’m checking them out.

The thing that gets me, though, is my reaction. I’m flashing forward to a conversation with my own teenage daughter, who right now is still a couple of months from being born.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I see myself telling her. “You’re not going out dressed like that!”

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  1. Avatar JayDee

    Interesting, I like it!

    I’m tempted to sequel it with a very literal interpretation of the flash forward mechanic.

    No story is complete without time travel.


  2. Avatar BARomero

    Go for it, Jonathan!

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was funny, and I liked the shift from what seems inappropriately immature (checking out teenage girls) to something very mature and parental. Nice little moment there.

  4. Avatar Sir Bic

    This is a nice example of a father-to-be’s internal exploration of what sort of father he should be and what sort of man he is. Or maybe it’s just funny? Oh, and twisting a bottle-cap on and off your finger really hurts! ouch – []o).

  5. Avatar Madiline Rosewood

    good read, i like the description of the ring and the unborn teen daughter.

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