A Splashing Entrance!

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The rain had finally given way to sunlight. Usually this meant there were rainbows to be found. But today was Paige’s 4th birthday and there was no time for rainbow hunting! It was time for pretty white dresses with shiny silver shoes she had picked out all by herself! No time for fun and games, this was serious business.

Lamby, her very favorite stuffed lamb, had requested her own seat at the lunch table. And a celebration this important meant she also got her very own plate. No sharing today.

After a little help from her mother to get dressed, and a car ride that took forever, Paige was ready to make her big entrance to the party! Everyone was waiting for her. There was just one problem: Rain meant rainbows. But it also meant puddles. And there was a HUGE one next to the door.

Her mom set her down. Turned to get lamby. And when she turned back around..

“NO! DONT. JUMP!” Her mother called out…

And then…..


Paige wore her satisfied smile proudly the rest of the day.

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  1. Avatar Mockingbird

    I know its super sunny and cheery and a smudge corny but I couldn’t help myself. I read the challenge while it was raining outside and I was daydreaming of going out to do the same thing….

  2. Avatar Mockingbird

    Thanks for pointing out that mistake! Ill be sure to fix it. And I’m glad the story made you smile. :)

  3. Avatar Krulltar

    Although a simple down-to-earth story, I think this tells of what all children understand…it is that the universe has one underlying paradigm: in chaos there is order, in agitation there is harmony, and in destruction there is happiness.