Trinity Steel

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I swung my tripled-folded steel katana down through the head of another demon. Ever since I had woken up in feudal Japan instead of regular modern-times Japan I’ve had to live by my wits, charm, skill, strength, intelligence, looks, and luck. Ever since an old man gave me the Tetsokawigalaan, my half-demon sword, I’ve been hunted by the very demons who would kill me. Their blood strengthened me, and if I was ever to get out of feudal Japan, I was going to have to get a LOT of demon blood.

Suddenly, a demon appeared.


“Oh yeah? Well, when I look at you, all I see is a big bag of demon blood. And I need a LOT of demon blood!!”

He rushed at me, but the demon blood had done its fey work. I swung my half-demon sword through the whole-demon demon, and he split down the middle, drenching my in his demon blood. I began to drink it deeply. As I swallowed his eyes I muttered, “You’re next, Demon King. I’m coming for you!”

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  1. Avatar Skull Enthusiast

    “Suddenly, a demon appeared.”

    positively bone-chilling.

  2. Avatar Projeck


  3. Avatar Ranx

    Favorite line is: “I swung my half-demon sword through the whole-demon demon”.

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