To whom it may concern

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Many Hellos Honored personage.

I am messaging to you as you come highly recommended by many persons who have of you good opine.

I am barrister Honorable Naugun al-Salak. I you help would desire for mutual benefit. I am representative of late Dr. Oggie bin Doggie, who along with his lovely wife and all children were killed in a car crash on June of this last year while on holiday in Nigeria. He leaves behind a bank account of 817,943,01 dollars, and no relative to claim it.

Unless relative comes forward to claim this the government of my country wil seize the money and use it for nefarious purpose. But if I certify you as his heir, you can claim the money and we will share equally 60/40. This is very legal, i know because I am a barrister.

I wish for you to send me your

bank information
passport information
maternal grandmother blood type

as soon as possible. This is very legitimate request and not a scam. God bless you

singed, Dr. Barrister Rev. Naugun al-Salak DDS

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  1. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I enjoyed the little details in this story, like the fact that our scammer friend becomes a “Rev.” by the end of the message.

  2. Avatar Snowy Owl

    I like the DDS on the end of the scammer’s name. The scam is definitely realistic and I can see it being sent as an email.

  3. Avatar Funky Chunky

    I’m sure I got this in my email the other day! ;) Very funny. I particularly enjoyed the maternal grandmother blood type

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