Black Cloud

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As the bus heaved down the road, bouncing at every pothole and piece of trash in the way, Jonathon Roberts suddenly realized he had never met the driver. The man that operated the vehicle Jon needed to survive the trip outside was an anonymous figure. The idea of entrusting his life to him was troubling.

Large metal flaps dropped quickly over the windows of the bus, darkening the inside completely for moment. Jon winced as the sickly white lights clicked on, casting a pallor on the interior.

Outside, objects banged against the hull of the vehicle. Sticks, stones, bullets: though he knew it was safe, Jon jumped at every sound. He always did. He heard stories about those sounds. People trapped outside the walls. Infected by the cloud.

The sounds died down and, soon, the metal flaps raised again. Sunlight, bleak and cold, flowed in once more. Jon’s breath steadied. He could see the walls coming closer. The dome field over the city. The clean air inside.

And the looming black cloud overhead.

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  1. Avatar jesteram

    I’m intrigued, particularly by the layers of security here: bus, metal windows, walls, dome. There’s obviously security redundancy. Small suggestion: For some reason, “hull” doesn’t seem quite the right word to me. Maybe just “side”?

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Yeah I kind of feel that way about pilots..
    Unique scene you’ve painted for us, and I think the security redundancy is warranted, if the projectile cloud grows in strength, you want to be protected.
    I have some strange idea that he is escaping from a tyrannical taz-like mother-in-law who wants him to be someone he’s not. She is hurling the projectiles and created the cloud of depression over the domed city where he feels safe, for now. Am i crazy? no, just creative. :)

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