Glitter and Chrome

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He checks his watch as he finishes getting dressed. It lists the usual time and date but also shows his bio-rythmns and the planetary alignments. Next week he should be at full power. The best time to pitch his new idea to the board of directors.

He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. As he releases it through his nose slowly, he runs calculations in his head. He is rewarded with the familiar disorientation of teleporting followed by a brief passing of nausea. Technology had been trying for years to teleport while those magically trained had been able to do it for centuries.

He notices that he had developed a slight headache. An indication that he had slightly miscalculated and bumped into the teleport wards around his office building. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he steps from the tele-chamber.

“Greetings, mister Sentry.” Comes a robotic voice. It stands about 5-feet tall and is highly polished stainless steele head-to-toe. But otherwise looks human.

“Morning, Rodger.” he yawns. “Coffee on?”

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