Trust Me

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The girls didn’t actually go to the bathroom, nor did they powder their noses. They actually walked out to Eve’s car and smoked a bowl. “So, dish, girl,” Becky said, handing over the pipe. “Which one are you going home with?”

Eve thought about if for a moment. Ethan seemed like a nice guy, which was what she was hoping to find. A nice steady guy to have a relationship with. On the other hand, Pete was incredibly hot with those chocolate eyes and tan skin. And Pete was bold and confident.

“I can’t decide,” Eve said. “Which one of these guys would you take home, if you weren’t with that creep?”

“Lay off Kyle,” Becky said. “Your best chance of getting some tonight is Pete. He’s obviously a player.”

“But, I want a relationship.”

“What you need is a rebound.

“Can’t I have both?”

“A threesome?”

“No, can’t I have both a rebound and a relationship?

“Not a good idea,” Becky said. “You’re still not thinking straight from the breakup. Just go with Pete. You’ll thank me for it later. Trust me.

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  1. Avatar Writtence


  2. Avatar Sanglorian

    I love this:

    “But, I want a relationship.”

    “What you need is a rebound.”

    “Can’t I have both?”

    “A threesome?”

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Hilarious and terribly real in terms of dumb things we do and bad advice we get. Very quick paced which worked well.

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