The End of Everything

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The last sunset ever on what had once been the planet Earth was not quite as spectacular as Laurossel had hoped. He had imagined something a little more interesting this time, something worth taking a picture of.

He stayed for a few more hours to watch the sun set properly, then returned to the Meta-Reality. With the universe ending, there was a lot to do, and someone had to make sure it ended properly, take care of the souls lined up for the Final Judgement and reincarnation, and pave the way for the generation of a new universe.

It had been pretty exciting the first few hundred times, but these days Laurossel mostly just thought of it as a hassle.

The Meta-Reality was bustling with activity, as usual this close to Armageddon. Various creatures and deities hurried along with whatever tasks they were assigned to, souls from the old universe waited to be Judged and reincarnated into the new, and a PA system announced “Armageddon in 4 hours 15 minutes” in a calm voice.

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  1. Avatar BARomero

    The meta-reality sounds interesting. A modern interpretation of what might once have been perceived of as “heaven.” And with the PA system, I’m kind of picturing this as a sort of sequel to the movie, “Defending Your Life.” Would love to read more!

  2. Avatar Sir Bic

    Interesting and it kinda reminds me of a Dr. Who episode.
    Technically, that wouldn’t be the end of “everything”? Makes you wonder who the narrator is…
    nitpic: First sentence reads – ‘what had one been the planet Earth’.

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