Bitter end

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When galaxies cross paths, stars rarely collide, astronomers say. But we were not warned about the collateral damage.

The city street is full of people, women, men, children, wanderers. No one smiles. No child laughs. All are joyless. Without hope. Doomed.

The twin stars shine down without mercy. The Sun. Our Sun which has nurtured our species and fostered all life on our beautiful planet, over millennia. And then there is Giselle

Giselle! A tiny star of beauty from the Andromeda Galaxy which for hundreds of thousands of years has been merging with our Milky Way. We were told Giselle was not dangerous – she was not on a collision course with our Sun. They spoke the truth. What they did not mention (at first) was that Giselle would be captured into orbit around our star. Our Sun. A cosmic ballet began.

That was 5,435 years ago.

And in 27 years, 42 days, 21 hours and 58 minutes Giselle will finally cross the path of, and utterly consume our Earth.

All are joyless. Without hope. Doomed…

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  1. Avatar Petros

    I can’t help it. I enjoy doomsday stories…

  2. Avatar Sir Bic

    Not much for the “feel good” are ya? []o)
    Good story, but seems too scientific in its telling, with all the statistics and all, to evoke the emotion you may have been looking for. The second sentence could use a semi-colon or two, in my opinion.

  3. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    27 years is a long time of living left.

    On the other hand, it seems that if the star is in orbit around the sun, the Earth would already be having some weird things happening to its orbital path and associated calamities. This makes it sound like life as usual.

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Most poetic apocalypse ever. Nicely told, even if the science is beyond my ability to fact check it. Very nicely done, especially evoking the feeling of utter hopelessness and inevitability, indirectly raising the question of what would you do, or how would you react to such an imminent end.

  5. Avatar Petros

    A captured star would in reality have done its damage much quicker. But I’m playing a little loose with the physics here, for the benefit(?) of the tale. My rationale is that Giselle is a very small star (about 20 Jupiters) and was captured into a highly elliptical orbit of thousands of years duration. A bit hard to fit all that into 1024 chars… :-) But that limitation is what makes Ficly fun. Thanks for your comments, all.

  6. Avatar Abstract

    The way this piece is worded is simply beautiful. I also find it delightful how intruder-star’s name serves as a counterpoint to its ultimate destiny.

  7. Avatar Krulltar

    This story has no heroine with grand tetons bounching about, or no muscle bound oaf who yells “yippie ki yay” who just happens to be in the right spot at the right time. It is a simple straight forward tale of acceptance of mankinds fate.
    I think the last sentence is what put this over the top…and goes to prove the rule of three when writing.

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