My First - Pt. 4

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She embraced me, putting her right hand behind my head, and she gave my short hair a playful scratching (sending chills down my left side). “I’m so glad you came!” she said.
“You’re glad!? I wouldn’t miss it!” I returned.
“How were you able to get away?” she wondered, breaking the ice.
Her slightly clear-glossed lips moved as if in slow motion as she spoke. My heart went in my throat. I wondered at that very moment what it would be like to kiss them.
You see, I’d never kissed a girl. I believed I was the only 14 year old kid that had not been kissed by any other woman but his mother. The notion terrified me.
Tom and Rick, you understand, were right. Girls didn’t like guys like me. I was ordinary; geekish even. I was more comfortable with an xbox controller or my Dual Core Xenon gamer box, loaded with 4 gigs of ram, and chalk full of hard drive space, than I ever was with the fairer sex.
But as I looked on at Andrea waiting for a reply, I realized she was THAT pot of gold.
“I’m sorry, what?” I flubbed.

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  1. Avatar Xanathael

    Way too familiar! ;)

Inspired by

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