Separation [7]

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Aaron awoke again now in a glass cylinder waist deep in water. He then noticed Crystal restrained to a chair. The Commander was next to her. She looked at Aaron terrified. Men and women in suits shuffled into the room which he then realized was a large circular theater styled room with Himself, Crystal and The Commander in the center.

“Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen.” the Commander said with the passion of a mad ringleader.

“I bring you hear today to witness the power that will bring you, our amazing clients immortality.” he said turning his gaze toward Aaron.

The commander moved swiftly to the base of the cylinder.

“Fill the tank so we may begin.” he boomed.
“Now you see, these two children in their own way possess power beyond your wildest imagination. It’s indeed rare and untapped in those who have it. However! I have found a successful way to utilize it and you will see momentarily. I think you will be wildly impressed.”

The tank began to fill with water and Aaron soon submerging him.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    gasp! will he live?

  2. Avatar Ludmila Yevgenovicha

    This seems like a really interesting story, but as I progress, it seems too little time has been spent in each scene. I don’t believe this is a problem with you, I think it is a problem with Ficly itself. Trying to tell a longer story is difficult if it has to be taken in tiny bites.

    I’d like to see this more developed, sometime, though I don’t think ficly could contain it.

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