The Beginning of the End

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Laurossel had just enough time to return to his apartment and rest a little before the PA system outside announced “Armageddon in 4 hours. Termination unit, please report to Universe Management in 10 minutes.”

Termination was Laurossel’s unit. They were the first to work after all the preparations were done. His unit was in charge of actually ending the universe, and making sure everything went well. If something went wrong, the Meta-Reality could be affected, which means doom for all of Reality. Of course, nothing like that had ever happened, but you can never be sure.

As usual at this time, the Meta-Reality was filled with activity, and it was hard to get from one place to another quickly. Laurossel made it to UM just in time, where the rest of the unit was waiting. Eriel, the head of Termination, gave them a brief, the same as usual.

Laurossel’s job was to tie up the threads of Reality and prepare them for being cut. He was among those who would actually enter the Universe before the End.

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  1. Avatar Sir Bic

    So Laurossel terminates a universe within his own Reality or “Meta-Reality” and still I wonder: who controls Laurossel’s universe?

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