The Seven Against Oblivion

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“They said I was the world’s greatest hero. I had no idea how little that meant until I left my world behind. We came together from countless worlds to fight it. But we lost and everything was torn apart. Somehow I survived and wound up here, in this weird pseudo-universe made of bits and pieces of destroyed worlds. I was the only one. You led us into battle and promised us we could destroy it, and you lied. You had millions of heroes then, and now all you have is a spy, an archaeologist, a bounty hunter, a teenage wizard, and a vampire. Why should I trust you again?”

Jenny Everywhere’s eyes were full of tears, but her gaze was still fixed and determined. “You’re right. I did fail you. Every time it’s manifested I’ve tried to stop it and failed. But that means I know every single way that doesn’t work. All I have to do is keep trying something different, and someday I’ll come up with one that does. And one day someone, somewhere will be able to stop it. Maybe it’ll be us. Now who wants to hear the plan?”

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  1. Avatar JayDee


  2. Avatar cthulhuburger

    And if James Bond, Indiana Jones, Boba Fett, Harry Potter, and Edward Cullen (just kidding, we all know it’s Dracula) can’t stop it, no-one can!

  3. Avatar Garsecg

    Jenny’s teammates weren’t necessarily meant to be those characters in particular, just suggested by them. Some (or all) of them could be female. I tried to build a sort of superhero team out of cinematic archetypes that seemed current right now (another inspiration for this story was the Authority).

    I do like the idea of teenage antihero Dracula, though.

  4. Avatar Robert Quick

    @Garsecg- Perhaps Alucard? Or it could be one of the Lost Boys? Or Someone from Buffy? Angel?

    Also I love the Authority (though I’ve only read the first few trades). If you like these kind of team ups, I’d like to suggest the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (comics only). Word of warning they are Mature but I don’t think it’s too much more than the Authority. Oh another warning Alan Moore is a misanthrope (and one of my heroes) but he does not translate other languages into English, so sometimes you have to follow along with body language and action scenes only.

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This would make a a huge blockbuster, if you show her going through time and getting each one and failing.. and yeah.. epic.

  6. Avatar Sanglorian

    There was a Harry Potter fan fiction I read where each time Harry fails to kill Voldemort he’s thrown back into his 11-year old body, with all his memories. I can imagine something like that happening to Jenny, as more and more of her selves across different multiverses get drawn into this cosmic battle where they have to try again and again, learning each time.

    As for the rest of the crew, I’d love to keep it public domain/historical: Dracula’s a good choice for the vampire. Who else could we have?

  7. Avatar Garsecg

    I was thinking most of the crew would be original characters with certain familiar attributes. The one Jenny was talking with was meant to be a sort of Superman-inspired character

  8. Avatar Miles Letham

    It definitely has a very comic-book feel to it, which does it many favors I think. Jenny Everywhere seems like a fantastic character, and I’d love to see more.

    “They said I was the world’s greatest hero. I had no idea how little that meant until I left my world behind.”

    I very much like this line.

  9. Avatar Garsecg

    There’s already been a lot of other pieces involving Jenny Everywhere on this site, which you can find under the tag, and I’m working on a longer story involving her for Jenny Everywhere Day (

    I now realize the Frankenstein’s Monster should have been a part of this.

  10. Avatar Miles Letham

    Fascinating, I had never heard of her before! Thank you for the information.

  11. Avatar Garsecg

    Glad to have made another convert to the Shifter :)

    It’s interesting how this story, after being overlooked for a while, seems to have suddenly struck a chord with people. Does anyone want to continue it? Because I have some vague ideas, but clearly people are interested and I’d like to let others take a crack if they want to.

  12. Avatar Ben Adams

    This is a great chapter, intriguing and intense, evoking feelings of an epic storyline. I had never heard of Jenny Everywhere, very cool character idea.