The Musician

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The sun drifted slowly onto the horizon as the knights ascended the stairs of the Grandstand together.

So where are you off to now, my friend?” Sir Bic asked. “Now that the festivities have concluded, what has your fanciful mind imagined for you next?”

“Ah yes, the fanciful mind I have,” Sir Jonathan replied with a chuckle. “Remember too, Sir, you were once as imaginative as I.”

Armor clanked as the warrior’s arms joined over their shoulders; a smile, a laugh and a rolling of the eyes was shared.

“I may return to my music,” offered Sir Jon.

“Well, my friend, I haven’t a shadow of a doubt that your compositions are quite good. Have you considered playing for the King?”

“Play for King August?” Sir Jonathan asked, his voice having a higher pitch. “My lord, His Grace would hear nothing of it, I’m sure!”

“You never know,” replied Sir Bic, smiling. “He just might become your roadie!”

They entered the Banquet Hall laughing, unaware that King August, having been on the Berfrois, had heard all that was said.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    I don’t know if social networking has dulled my writing, imagination, and wordsmithing skilles but my first impulse was to put down five smiley faces. I will settle for five pencils and hope you will too. It is interesting to see how we are seen. Great work! King August, Lady Elshanor, and so on and so forth. I am proud to call Ficly home, and Ficlyteers family.

  2. Avatar JayDee

    Hah! Well done, sir! I’ve gotten all self-concious about my YouTube channel now! I don’t think I’ve updated that thing in two years.

  3. Avatar Ludmila Yevgenovicha

    I had no idea we were a king’s court.

  4. Avatar Sir Bic

    The pen may be mightier than the sword, my friends but none be as crafty as Sir Robert the Quick!

    Monsieur JayDee the Musician, I will call you what you wish, but always think of you as Sir Jonathan of Durnford []o)

    My Lady Ludmila the Duchess of Yevgenovicha, some may want to be of the court of King August II (the 2nd), others as yourself and Lady Elshanor of Hawk Manor, may wish to have their own courtiers. []o)

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