The day the nanobot came Clem had himself a hoot

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Clem was resting on a log the day the nanobot came. It arrived in a spaceship the size of a tiny carrot. The nanobot quickly rearranged the atoms of its ship into another nanobot.

“Ain’t you the cutest little fellers!” enthused Clem, as 2 nanobots became 4.

The 4 then set about rearranging some of the atoms in Clem’s log. Soon 4 became 8; then 16.

Clem belly-laughed a treat. “You tiny guys sure are somethin’!” he drawled as 16 became 32. Then 64.

After a little while the nanobots started on the atoms of the tree beside Clem and 2048 became 4096. Amazed in a truly simple way, Clem watched the tree dissolve into nanobots. He was still being amazed as 1048576 nanobots inevitably surrounded him and turned him into 2097152 nanobots.

Three hours later, the rest of the Earth had been efficiently converted.

After a short rest, the substantial cloud of nanobots then morphed individually into little spaceships and headed back out again in search of even tastier worlds.

Bon app├ętit!

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  1. Avatar Petros

    The Universe is a beautiful place, but no one ever said it was necessarily ‘nice…’

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    You destroyed earth! In a quick and effortless manner, too; efficient, and deadly. That’s what’s scary.

  3. Avatar DredZed

    I really like this one, good work making a grey goo scenario actually pretty funny. Of course, it wouldn’t be nearly so funny to any people that are getting dissolved, but still.

  4. Avatar JayDee

    Very cool. Using the numbers really gave the story a sense of pace, progresion and scale, which is what I always struggle to do within the 1024 character limit.

  5. Avatar astronouth7303

    I feel like this is one step short of a Dr Seuss! Good job.

  6. Avatar Petros

    Story edit: The last line about the failure of the ‘bots to say ’take me to your leader’ didn’t really work, so I opted for something a little neater…

  7. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I like the new last line.

    I wonder if some little part of Clem remains in the nanobots and exclaims “Coo-ee!” when it reaches the next planet…