An Alliterate Aardvark

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Allison Alred’s amazingly agile and adorable aardvark, Alfred (Alf), astonished all after Alf ate Ali’s award-achieving azaleas. After all, aardvarks annihilate Arizonian ants! Agreed?!

“Alas!” ailed Ali, aching. And anon, Ali’s affect assumed acerbic animosity.

Ashamed, Alfred absconded.

Alf accepted Australian alienation. Alone, away, afar.

As ages advanced, Ali and Alf aspired amity.

Alf apologized. Ali accepted, adoringly.

Afterward, Alf ate ants, avoiding azaleas altogether.

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  1. Avatar cracks in a sidewalk




    This is amazing! Not only does it seem like a whole tone of thought but…

    It makes sense!!

    I’m in awe. I could never do this. This is definitely an achievement only a talented writer could accomplish…and enjoy.

    Ahh. My brain aches thinking about it. Not a single word doesn’t begin with an ‘a’. I just…. wow.

    I think I’ll go read a thesaurus now.

  2. Avatar Dave Oei

    Cracks: You are so very kind! Thanks for the gracious feedback, it’s much appreciated and makes the effort so worthwhile.

  3. Avatar futurist

    I quite agree with the original comment. Astounding!

  4. Avatar Yuriy Zubovski

    To enjoy plot, climax, resolution, even dynamic character growth – all despite such an intense limitation. Kudos, sir.

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