Mottwoo: A brief lecture on Reality

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“Ok, so it’s… and I’m going to dumb it down for you first years, alright?… but if you can imagine that life, the universe, and everything… the entirety of creation… the grand multiverse…. the whole shebang (and the things beyond it) are all the segments of an orange…”

A single student near the front gave the most hesitant of nods, as if afraid of being bitten by something venomous.

“That’s suspended upon a plastic sheet…”

The student’s eyebrows pressed together.

“Simultaneously folding and not unfolding…”

His face took on a look that was close to pleading.

“…through a spiders web that, in turn, represents…”

He was massaging his temples with his right hand now, holding his book with his left like a drowning man clinging to something that he dearly wished was more buoyant than it actually was.

“…in the shape of an inverted candelabra…”

Five minutes into the lecture and only three students in comas.


Time to bring out the flowcharts.

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  1. Avatar Silven

    Yes! Someone understands the intended order! Good, good. I also like the idea of focusing on a student every lesson.

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