Becoming Sophia (86)

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Elsebeth trembled. She looked at me with barely contained tears in her eyes. I swear I could see the apology there as she pointed her shaking index finger, not at me, but at the triumphant turtledove.

“No!” I cried, collapsing on the floor in despair.

“It seems I have been hoodwinked,” Andrien said coldly.

“No, Andrien, you don’t understand!” I shouted. In a blur of motion, Adelind was before me and I was greeted with the hot sting of her jeweled fingers slapping my cheek.

“How dare you speak to your prince in such a manner!” I was too shocked to respond.

“Have this filth taken away and thrown in the dungeon!” the king bellowed.

“Please, no! It’s not true! Please! Listen to me!” I yelled helplessly as armed guards grabbed me and hoisted me up. My pleas fell on deaf ears and I was carted away, my mother’s dress collecting dirt from the floor as they dragged me.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    mhm, he didn’t ask the question. but it was a nice twist to the story to throw her in the dungeon.

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Becoming Sophia (85) by K-Jellybean

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